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Gail Emms MBE, Former badminton  World champion and Olympic silver medalist talks about her experience at Floatation Life.

we take relaxation seriously


Utterly DISCONNECT from everyone and everything.

You can't begin to imagine how good for you it is to DISCONNECT. You will feel like you have had have all the weight lifted from you mentally, physically and emotionally whilst, all the time, lying in a truly tranquil environment.


This is WAY more than just a relaxing experience

If constant stress makes you ill, just how good for you is regular tranquility, not only while you are floating, but all the time you are in our centre?

In pre-float you sit on a massage chair, listening to Zen music through headphones, getting to the point where you let out that big breath.

In the float tank you experience true tranquility.

In the post-float room you extend the experience by sitting on a large massage chair, watching short videos of waves breaking on beaches, rivers flowing, ducks on a pond, birds on a bird bath and so on.

Give yourself 2-3 hours, in our centre. Time for yourself!


Okay, but why in a Floatation Tank?

We've offer a super relaxing environment, with no distractions.

You feel, almost, gravity free with no sense of sight, sound or feel.

When you are in this environment and you can let your mind switch off you will know the meaning of true relaxation. 

Want to know? Download our guide to floating!

OUR Latest Reviews

Matthew B, Bedford

"I had a brilliant first float today. Amazing out of body experience for  some well earned R&R. Natalie really looked after me, and would  recommend to anyone who just needs to take time for themselves. Still coming down from the experience. "

Catherine M, Castlethorpe

"I went to Flotation life today with my mum on a rare day off. It was a  present for Mother’s Day. I can honestly say I’ve never experienced  anything quite like it! It was like I was floating in space. The level  of Epson salts is so high I floated instantly. Amazing relaxing  experience. An hour in a warm bath, followed by 30 mins in the  relaxation room in a massage chair with a bottle of water and relaxing  music. Ps: no wrinkly fingers (from being in the water) in sight! Highly  recommend"

Sumudu G, Milton Keynes

"Had my first float yesterday. Shutting down all sensory input and being  only aware of your mind was like being taken into another dimension.  Very similar to my mediation practice but you get there quicker!  Floating is not just a physical experience, I believe it’s going to be a  journey into much much more. Very thankful to the referral! If you  haven’t tried this, it has to be on your bucket list but be prepared to  want more!  
Lovely team running the centre which is set in clean  and peaceful premises allowing you to truly take some time out and  practice self care. I recommend this as a regular practice for many of  my patients.
Thank you."

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We have a tank in each of 2 rooms so you float alone, in complete privacy. Please allow yourself 2 - 3 hours of special, personal time in our centre.