After a long, summer school holiday, who needs to be refreshed and rejuvenated more than you Mums?
Now that the little darlings are back in school and you no longer have to entertain them throughout the day….every day….all day…., take some time out for yourself.

Ian was 54 when he 1st floated. He had been a keen, amateur sportsman for all his life, football, golf, running, cycling, he was more than decent at all of them but he was no exception to the rest of us in that, the older he got, the more difficult it became to maintain performance levels.

Float to good health?? It is fairly, widely known that sustained, intense stress makes you ill, both physically and mentally, so, does sustained, intense relaxation make you better, both physically and mentally? All the research and anecdotal evidence points to an emphatic ‘YES’.


Dave had been on Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for 9 years because of Anxiety. He was the sort of person who would not go to the large supermarkets but, rather, he would go to the smaller Lidl, which is only a few minutes drive from his house.