Can I float if I am pregnant?

 Yes, floatation has been proven to be an excellent way for expectant mums to relieve the aches associated with pregnancy such as back pain and pressure on the joints.

Suitable for second and third trimesters, floatation has often been described as the ‘mirror effect’ of the baby floating in the womb of the mother and the mother floating in the womb-like tank.

Some have also commented of the connection they feel with their baby which, in turn, has helped expectant mothers to feel more calm and relaxed as they prepare for the new arrival.

We always recommend that you speak to your doctor or health care professional to ensure floatation therapy is suitable for you and your baby. 

I suffer from claustrophobia. Can I still enjoy the experience?

 Yes, you can. Many claustrophobia sufferers have found that floating helps to alleviate their condition. You can step out of the pod at any time and get back in again once you see you are not trapped or in danger. Just remember that floatation is isolation, not imprisonment!

If you are really nervous then you can float with the pod door partially or fully open, it will not lock or latch shut either.

The best floatation experience comes when the door is closed and you are in complete darkness but, if you want, you can build up to this point over several floats. 

What do I need to bring?

Our private tranquillity rooms contain all the essential equipment you will need to float. These include a towel, earplugs,a sachet of vaseline to cover open wounds, body wash and shampoo to cleanse before and after floating. 

There are also hair dryers in the personal grooming areal.We do however recommend you bring a hairbrush or comb if you have long hair. We ask that you do not spend too long grooming yourself in the float rooms as we have a small window in which to clean and prepare the room for the next user. 

What is it like inside the pods?

Calming, soothing, relaxing. and massive in size. Inside of our pods you have 8 feet in length, 4 feet 6inches in width and nearly 4 feet in height. You can choose to float in complete silence or with music playing. 

You can also float in total darkness or leave the internal lighting on.As your session draws to an end, the music will slowly fade back in to gently rouse you from your sleep or rest. 

How long does my floatation experience last?

 Your actual floatation session lasts one hour but when added to the pre- and post-float sessions, you could be in the centre for anywhere between, 1 1/2 - 3 hours. 

Of course, you can book more than one session.So, for instance, a double session would only include a single undress and re-dress and would, therefore, include 2 1/2 hours of uninterrupted floating. 

How is the water cleaned?

Using the very latest in multi-level filtration systems, we double clean the entire pod water through a large UV filter and a 0.45 micron particulate filter. 

Add to this the fact that there is more life in the Dead Sea than in our pod water and we can guarantee water purity to the highest level. We also take multiple water readings each and every day and clean the private rooms after every use with the aim of making it look, smell and feel like you are the first person who has ever used it. 

What is the water solution and how do I stop myself sinking?

It’s that magic ingredient Epsom Salts (Magnesium Sulphate) which is diluted in the water to provide the buoyancy you need to float. Just lay back and the water will support you as if you were floating in the Dead Sea.Epsom salt has many health benefits. Read our floatation benefits section to find out more. 

What do I need to wear in the tank?


Well, you’re in a completely private room which you can lock from the inside and we can only get into during an emergency with a special tool. You could wear a swimming costume but when you are in a state of hyper relaxation even a slightly ill-fitting item of swimwear could cause an annoyance which could affect the quality of your float. 

Do I need to shower or bathe before I float?

 Yes. Both our rooms feature a high quality, walk in shower for you to wash any oils from your hair and body before you float. We supply a luxury towel and eco-friendly body wash and shampoo so no need to bring your own. You should take a post float rinse to remove any excess salt from your skin and hair. 

What if I fall asleep in the pod, could I drown?

Firstly, the density of the water and the Epsom Salts makes it impossible for you to sink or even, to turn over. Secondly, if you do fall asleep then you are not alone. Many users become so relaxed they sleep for the whole session. 

When will I know my float is over?

At the end of your session, music will begin to play to gently rouse or awaken you. When you open your pod door it will cause the room lights to come on which will cause an indicator light in the corridor to also come on. If we don't see the corridor light, the music will get progressively louder until you awaken. If the music fails to wake you, the pump will come on. 

So how does the float relax me?

Three things happen while you are floating in one of our pods: 

1) Your body will absorb Magnesium through the skin. Magnesium is required in more than 300 enzyme reactions within the body. See our ‘Floatation Benefits - Epsom Salts’. 

2) Your body will be perfectly and evenly supported by the water with no pressure points and no discomfort causing your blood pressure to drop, slightly. 

3) You will be in total isolation, with nothing to see, hear or feel. In this state your conscious mind will switch off and your brain will easily reach the ‘Alpha State’, (relaxed, calm, lucid, not thinking). Some experienced floatees have had their brainwaves measured while floating and it was found that they had reached the ‘Theta State’, a very deep state of relaxation, similar to those a Tibetan Monk trains for years to achieve! 

Do I need to prepare or do anything before I float?

To avoid your hungry stomach making an unwelcome sound track during your float, we suggest a light meal about an hour before hand to keep the grumbles at bay. Also, avoid coffee & sugary drinks 2 hours beforehand as they could do the opposite of relaxing you.

If possible, arrive at the centre around 10-15 minutes before your float is due so you can make use of the pre-float area, where you can listen to relaxing music through headphones on a reclining, massage chair. This will put you well on the road to a relaxed state even before you start your float.