Our Floatation Centre


We are very proud to offer the latest floatation facilities in our dedicated Milton Keynes floatation centre.

Designed to the highest standards to achieve spectacular relaxation, we have made huge efforts to ensure your experience is truly exceptional each and every time.


‘Restingwell’ Floatation Pods

Probably the most spacious pods on the market, they have been around since 2005. The original Swedish design was so good there has been little need for change since then.

A combination of a front door with a yacht style sliding hatch means that there is plenty of space for ease of access. You can get in, shut the door and still stand upright before you kneel-down and slide the hatch closed. A pressure switch gives you control of whether and when you want turn the lights off.

Relaxing music plays through two speakers and even the tallest person can fully stretch out in the huge 2.5 metres by 1.5 metres bath and sit fully upright with plenty of headroom to spare. No-one should worry about claustrophobia in these pods!

We ensure the highest levels of cleanliness, with our pods benefiting from a highly efficient UV and particulate water filtration system. Put simply, your water is pure, clean and free from bacteria and other possible nasties for each, and every, float.

Private Floatation Suites

All our rooms have been carefully designed to offer a peaceful and tranquil relaxation space for you to enjoy your floatation experience to the full.

Lockable from the inside, each room contains your floatation pod, changing area and walk-in shower. We also provide towels and a selection of body washes and shampoos to cleanse before and after your float.

Pre-Float Area

We don’t expect our clients to fight their way through stressful traffic or come straight from work and waste the first 20 minutes of their float trying to get to the start point of a relaxation session.

We give you the opportunity to wind down before you float, on a reclining, massage chair listening to carefully selected music through personal headphones. Many people find this is the perfect way to start their experience.

We also give you ‘Crocs’ to wear while you are in the centre and take your mobile phone off you, to lock away for the duration of your stay.

This, simple act, has a quite profound effect on some people. We ‘cut the umbilical cord’ that links you to the outside world, the effect can leave you strangely liberated!

Rather than leaving your phone in the car or at home, we strongly suggest you bring it in with you, the ritual of handing it over to someone else for safe-keeping can be a powerful, symbolic event. Believe us!

Chillout Zone (Post-Float)

Another exclusive feature of is our post-float Chillout Zone which we have created to help complete your floatation experience.

In this room, you can prolong your experience rather than just head off into the mad, bad world straight away. You can quietly rest on our luxury massage chairs and watch videos of waves breaking on a beach, a forest in springtime or a gently meandering river on a 50-inch screen.Should the urge take you, you can use the colouring books and pencils provided or, simply sleep!

We highly recommend you at least spend 15 minutes in the Pre-Float area and double that time in the Chillout Zone.

An Apology

We profusely apologise about this but, when we have finished squeezing the last gramme of tension out of your little toe; when we have washed your soul and rinsed your mind and made you feel 50kg heavier………we’ll give you back your phone! (And your shoes)