Floatation life family



Floatation.life  is a family run business and has at its heart the aim of providing the  very best floatation experience without compromise. 

Whether  you are floating for the tenth time or the very first time, we want to  make each experience feel truly special and leave you feeling in a state  of relaxation that can help you in your everyday life.

My  journey began in 2013 when I discovered floatation therapy for the  first time. Reading the many benefits it claimed to offer, I was unsure  what to expect and whether I could achieve the deep relaxation claimed  to be achievable. One hour later and I was left in no doubt, floatation  is amazing! 



 “When I floated for the first time, I came out in such a relaxed and positive state that I couldn’t understand why this experience wasn’t available everywhere. I began to research and discovered just how positive floatation could be for everyone.

Travelling around the UK and Europe to further my experience and knowledge, I decided that I wanted to create a centre of my own which would raise the floatation experience to a whole new level. So, here I am with my first floatation centre and I could not be more excited about sharing with everyone just how floatation therapy can help them in so many ways” 


NATALIE WELHAM, Centre Manager

"My dad, Phil introduced me to floating when he first started and I remember him telling me how amazing I was going to feel and how it would have a big impact on my life. So feeling a mix of excitement and curiosity I experience my first float. I came out feeling disappointed and frustrated with myself! I tried so hard to shut my brain off and to desperately experience this deep relaxation that I ended up making it impossible for myself! My second float was a bit better more relaxed but I was still frustrated. 

It seems obvious now but one of the women who worked at a float centre pointed out that the harder you try, the harder it is and that it gets progressively better. So I surrendered to my thoughts and I remember thinking that, at the very least, I can have an hour of ME time. That float was a real game changer for me. It felt like just 20 minutes, not an hour, and I really did experience my first feeling of actual deep relaxation, the feeling you get after is only best described as complete and utter bliss. 

Many people, Like my dad, get it the first time. I've made it my personal mission to get people past that  first hurdle and to get to experience the feeling that I have now reached."