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Metro Newspaper


 I tried out a floatation tank to help my anxiety...

Milton Keynes Citizen


6' 5" Milton Keynes Lightning player floats. Finds plenty of room.

La Dolce Vita Blogger


Why I've floated 23 times in the last 8 months!



Imagine floating almost gravity free at Floatation Life in Milton Keynes

LouBou Blogger / Mother


 I am guilty of being far from relaxed most  times. It’s understandable, I have a toddler, I’m nearly 9 months  pregnant and feel the weight under general pressures and  responsibilities that life brings.  

Clean Coach Katie


 As runners, the tanks are deemed perfect for us and our recovery. 

Amanda Alston Blogger 1st Float


When was the last time you completely switched off? I mean, had a real  “me, myself and I” moment? Completely zoned out. No mobile, no  laptop, not even Netflix with a glass of wine in the bath kinda moment? I  know it’s been wayyy too long since I last did! 

Amanda Alston Blogger 2nd Float


So it’s true what they say. Your second float is truly where this  experience comes to life and surely it can only get better from then  on!? I’d really recommend giving floatation.life  a whirl. Treat yourself, your body and your mind. You’ll leave feeling  refreshed, rejuvenated and so much more at ease with life in general.  It’s bloomin’ lovely!