We know that for your first float you may be a bit anxious, not knowing what to expect, and all that. We also know that, by the time you have floated for the second or third time you will be so at ease with the whole thing that you will, almost, be able to call yourself an experienced floater and, by that time, you will be getting so much more out of each subsequent float.

So, intend to make it as easy as possible for everyone to enjoy the experience and to make floatation become part of your lifestyle. We want you to be able to manage your stress levels, your aches and pains, to be in awe at how creative you really can become, to go home or to work and enthuse other people into floating, too.

Share your experience with friends and family and introduce them to With great value packages and special offers, we have made floatation more accessible than ever before and for everyone’s budget.

Our Standard Price for a single float is £42


 Special offer.

You can buy 3 floats for £99 to be used by anyone in your friend or family group.


In addition, we have the 'Float with a friend for £76'.

(To be used at the same time as your friend!)


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  • Our Vision

    “To provide an environment of absolute, perfect calm in which our patrons can achieve a commensurate mental, emotional and physical state.”

    A truly unique physical, mental and emotional experience, floatation offers a deep and rewarding sense of relaxation, peace and calm many of us have rarely felt before.

    Whether you have tried floatation before or you are an absolute beginner, you must float with us to sample a truly unique and personal experience.

    Book your first session now or, if you would like to find out more, read about floatation on our website or contact us today.

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