Terms and Conditions



The prices and charges shown on this website may be subject to change but the prices shown at the time of booking are valid for that booking.

Cancellation/Change of Booking Policy/Expiry Dates 

Our Terms for a change of booking or cancellation are: -

More than 24 hours notice - full refund/free change of booking
Less than 24 hours notice - No refund for cancellation/not able to alter booking

We cannot extend expiry dates or redeem vouchers/floats that have expired. 

Late Arrival

If you arrive more than 10 minutes late, it will not be possible for you to float. This is due to ensuring customers who are floating are not disturbed with excessive noise.

Prices and Special Offers

Special offers may change without prior notice so if you want to be sure of securing the special offer price, ensure that it is live on the website when you make your booking.

Gift Vouchers

If you purchase a gift voucher online then you will receive a code via email, you will need to enter this code in order to make your booking. Please ensure you or the person for whom you are buying the voucher are fully aware of the expiry date of that voucher.
We cannot extend voucher expiry dates or redeem them once they are past their expiry date.
If you lose your voucher code we may not be able to redeem it. 

Gift vouchers are also available in store in the form of a physical voucher.

Transferring Vouchers / Floats

Gift vouchers, the standard 3 float package and standard float sessions are transferable and can be used by other people. 

New customer float session

New customer 3 float package and memberships are NON Transferable. Other offers not mentioned here will state whether or not are transferable. 


 Memberships entitle the member to one float per month. Members can buy additional floats for the membership price but these are non-transferable. 

 Membership payments are taken out monthly by direct debit on the 1st of the month . The minimum term of a membership is 3 months.

Memberships are valid immediately from the date of purchase and are automatically renewed each month. You can cancel anytime after the 3 months by calling us on 01908 969470 or emailing hello@floatation.life, however, we cannot refund payments that have already been taken out.

 Once cancelled if you choose to take up the membership again a 3 month minimum term would again apply.

 Your monthly float must be used within 35 days of payment being taken and cannot be carried over  but, once per year, we allow a “Holiday Period” that carries over one float into the next month. Contact us if you need to use the holiday period. 

Members can offer guests 20% off a float session (20% off standard float price of £45) by using the members guest code that they will have emailed to them on when they first join. Guests must be new customers and the member code can only be used once for each new customer. 

 Referral Programme

Referrals are new customers only and once per person, a successful referral is counted when the customer has completed their float and must use your code when booking. 

Age restrictions

Under 14 year olds may float with the permission their parent or legal guardian along with acceptance of responsibility for them during their float.


All the information we collect and hold about you may be stored on computer for which we hold a valid notification under the Data Protection Act. We collect and keep information about you as a legal responsibility, to improve and tailor of services and provide you up to date information which we consider relevant or may be of interest to you. If you do not wish to receive any information from us please let us know by emailing us at hello@floatation.life


Your float will take place in a private, lockable room but your pre- and post-float take place in an area you may share with other clients. For this reason, we can take no responsibility for the safety of money or valuables that you bring with you. If you do bring valuable items, it is essential they are covered by your own insurance for the period of your stay. We will not be liable for damage or consequential loss to any personal items except in the case of negligence by the Company or its employees.

Mobile phones are not permitted in the centre and should be handed in at reception. We take full responsibility for your phone, or other electronic devices, when you hand them over. Each device must be switched off or put on ‘flight mode’ and not put on silent or vibrate.


We reserve the right to deny or terminate a float at any time especially, but not exclusively, if, in our opinion:-

• someone is under the influence of drugs or alcohol
• someone is disturbing other customer who may be, or are about to partake in a  floatation experience.

  • For further information please see our FAQs section.