Your First Visit

What do I need to know before hand?

We supply towels, shower gel, shampoo, facewipes etc... we also have a separate hairdrying area. The only thing you might want to bring with you in a hairbrush and any personal toiletries however we will provide everything for you. Most people will float naked however you're more than welcome to bring a swimsuit. Give yourself a minimum of 90 minutes at the centre (you can stay longer in our chill out room!)  

Arrive 10 mins early

When you arrive you'll be greeted at reception (or if we have popped in the back, grab a seat and make yourself comfortable) . We have a quick pre float medical questionnaire for you to fill in and we will talk you through everything when you arrive. It's our job to make you feel comfortable. 

We will also provide you with clean crocs to wear in the room and if you have brought your phone we ask you if we can put it in our safe as we don't allow them in the room - technology free zone just for you!

The Float

After your induction we will take you through to your float room and show you what you need to do, we will make sure to cover everything for you but feel free to ask any questions. Then we will leave you be to enjoy your float session. Music will play the last 5 minutes of your float to signal the end. For more detail on the float or common questions please visit our FAQs page. 

After the float

When your float has finished you can take a lovely hot shower and get changed in your room. We ask you take all your belongings out so we can prepare the room for the next customer. We have a separate hairdrying room you are more than welcome to use afterwards. 

Chill out room

We have a dedicated chill out room for you to use after. We will show you where the room is on your induction and we highly recommend using it, it really adds to the experience. You'll find lazy boy massage chairs, water, sweets, colours books and a TV which is playing relaxing scenes and music. You have up to an hour in the room. Many people bring a good book to read and don't worry about time. One of us will let you know when your hour is coming to an end. 

Back to Reception

By now you should be feeling completely zoned out, you can make your way back to reception to hand in your crocs, pop your shoes on and collect your phone. And of course book your next appointment :) 

If you have nay questions feel free to contact Natalie or Phil and we would be more than happy to help you!