Your First Visit


What do I need to know before hand?

Give yourself between 1 and a half and 2 and a half hours in our centre, this is a journey, not just a float. Have no appointments scheduled for afterwards as this can play on your mind during the float and break the deep relaxation you can experience. We supply towels, shower gel, shampoo, face wipes etc... we also have a separate hair drying area. The only thing you might want to bring with you in a hairbrush and any personal toiletries. Most people will float naked, however, you can wear a swimsuit or trunks if you wish.  

Arrive 15 mins early

When you arrive you'll be greeted at reception (or if we have popped in the back, grab a seat and make yourself comfortable) . We have a short medical questionnaire for you to fill in and we will talk you through everything when you arrive. It's our job to make you feel comfortable.  We give you clean & disinfected crocs to wear in the centre and take your phone off you. (This is practical - we can't have them going off and, possibly, disturbing other people; as well as symbolic - you are disconnected from everyone else while you are in our centre, a wonderful feeling once you get your head around it!)

The Float

After your induction we will take you through to your float room and show you what you need to do, we will cover everything for you but feel free to ask any questions, then, we will leave you be to enjoy your float session. Zen music will play at the beginning of your float, to help relax you, and at the end, to wake you. For more details on the float or for other popular questions please visit our FAQs page. 

After the float

When your float has finished you can take another shower and get dresses in the room. Without rushing you, we ask that you vacate the room at your earliest convenience so we can prepare it for the next floatee. We have a separate hair drying room you can use before you go to the 'Chill Out Zone'. 

Chill out room

We have a dedicated chill out room for you to use after your float to extend your experience and, in many cases, to ease your way back into the real world. You'll find lazy boy massage chairs, drinking water, colouring books and a TV which shows short, relaxing music videos of waves breaking on beaches, rivers flowing, mountain scenery, ducks on a pond and many more. You can spend up to an hour in the room.  don't worry about time. We will let you know when your hour is coming to an end. 

Back to Reception

By now you should be feeling completely zoned out, you can make your way back to reception to hand in your crocs, pop your shoes on, collect your phone and, of course, book your next appointment. Your floating experience gets deeper and more profound the more you do it, as long as there is not too long a gap between floats.